Port Adelaide-based company, Zing International, designs, manufactures and builds the Zing Wicket System for international cricket matches.

Zing flashing stumps and bails work through an innovative-patented sensor system in each end of the bail that flashes coloured lights the millisecond both ends of the bail lift from the stumps.

Revolutionary product has solved a common problem where it can be difficult to determine on a TV replay if both ends of any bail have lifted from the stumps and, therefore, if the batsman is out.

Securing investment in 2011, Zing International launched in 2012 during the 2012/13 Big Bash League and has consistently grown export markets to New Zealand, South Africa, the Caribbean, Bangladesh, India and Pakistan for their Twenty20 competitions, as well as major 50-over competitions, including the Cricket World Cup.

With the help of 3D printing technology, the company can now manufacture 90 per cent of the Zing System in Australia, with 80 per cent in Adelaide, allowing them to maintain quality control and create new jobs for South Australia.

Bronte Eckermann – talking about Zing’s flashing cricket stumps and bails


Zing flashing stumps and bails