State Emergency Service (SES) ‘tent cities’ will soon be a thing of the past in South Australia, thanks to a new locally designed portable base-camp that can be set up and connected to electricity, water and waste services in just four hours.

The 128 bed Humanihut was designed in South Australia and will be delivered to the SES in 2018 to give hard working SES members and volunteers a place to rest between shifts while attending natural disasters.

The Humanihut uses an innovative pop-up design to provide accommodation, as well as bathroom, laundry and community facilities.

The pop-up base camp will be flat-packed into custom built shipping containers, making it easy to move, build, dismantle and store.

Funded through the National Partnership Agreement for Natural Disaster Resilience, the 128 bed Humanihut comes at a cost of $941,000, with both the State and Federal Governments providing $470,500 each toward its purchase.

Humanihut expects the first sale locally will expedite a number of global orders that are currently pending for a range of commercial and humanitarian uses in the both the public and private sectors.