South Australian entrepreneurs and businesses were awarded $918,000 in March to help them bring their ideas to the market.

Recipients approved for the South Australian Early Commercialisation Fund include:

  • Myriota – $300,000 for an Internet of Things enabled transceiver for use by businesses in remote areas or who transport goods over long distances
  • Bzpay Holdings – $50,000 for a pilot in a major bank of a transaction settlement platform that will reduce risks to lenders and customers and lower transaction costs
  • Ailytic – $218,000 for Artificial Intelligence enabled scheduling software
  • Odd Games – $150,000 for a framework to allow gaming company to simultaneously develop games on multiple platforms
  • Jiyu Group – $50,000 for a WeChat social media platform to allow companies to bypass traditional export channels and sell direct to Chinese consumers
  • Jackson Care Technologies – $50,000 for mobility analytics software for carers
  • Optima Mining Systems – $50,000 for a rock chip extracting system
  • Presagen – $50,000 for behaviour based automation platform using robotics and Artificial Intelligence

The South Australian Early Commercialisation Fund is a competitive grant program designed to help technology companies, university research commercialisation organisations and entrepreneurs to commercialise their intellectual property.

The $10 million four-year program provides eligible companies and organisations with staged grants of up to $500,000 per project.

For more information see the South Australian Early Commercialisation Fund