Innovation for Jobs

South Australia is undergoing an economic transformation – moving away from traditional manufacturing towards high value-added, sophisticated activities that will transform our economy, generate new investment and create the jobs and industries of the future.

Using advanced technologies and digital disruption will help to ensure an innovative, creative and prosperous economy for South Australia.


Creating jobs for tomorrow

The South Australian Government is implementing bold new initiatives, building on the Government’s extensive existing support for innovation.

Support will include:

South Australia's Innovation Framework

The State Government is working with the community to develop an Innovation Framework for South Australia, to help improve the State’s capacity to develop and share new ideas and create an environment that is rich in opportunity, supportive of innovation and enables value capture.

The Framework builds on the recommendations from the Redfire Consulting report commissioned by the State Government to improve the commercialisation of research in South Australia, attract more venture capital, and provide better support for our innovative start-up companies.

The Framework aims to provide greater cohesion for South Australia’s wide range of innovation activities, encourage greater collaboration across sectors and institutions, and accelerate the innovation already taking place across the State.

To date, over 120 South Australians from across all areas of the innovation community have engaged in the development of the Framework.

An initial high level workshop was held in May with a small group of leading innovators in South Australia to explore the higher-order questions and principles to provide the broad context, perspective and purpose of an innovation framework.

Building on the outcomes of the first workshop, a second session, hosted by the Premier, brought together the collective wisdom of the wider innovation community to start building the innovation framework.

The aim is to develop a shared strategic intent and common language to improve collaboration across sectors and across organisations. Next steps for the Framework are now being considered.

The State Government is working with the community to develop an Innovation Framework for South Australia.